Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Stop Motion Idea

When brain storming for ideas of how to approach our music video. I proposed that we use stop motion animation. Our group liked this idea and we began to work out how this could be achievable and filmed. We learnt off youtube that it is easier to use a video camera and film the entire thing and then cut out the pieces we don’t need to leave us with the correct stills we need. We decided we were going to use monopoly board and monopoly money to add a comical theme to the overall outcome. We wanted to add a gimmick to the video and by using monopoly we can show the themes of money and ‘gold digging’ and still have a light hearted approach making the over all video more successful. We began the filming process by talking still images of some of the actors in poses wearing ska clothing. The first few photos weren’t very successful as the ska clothing is very minimal and can easily be improved to make the video more effective and easier to relate to the genre.  We also used monopoly money to spell out the title of the song which was very effective and would be a brilliant opening scene.

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