Thursday, 14 October 2010

Similar Ska artists


  1. I'm glad to see you've posted this - good work, Harley.

    Have you completed/ posted the 'Audience Profile'? (This was started in lessons, drawing out a mind map of the lifestyle/ habits of the audience). This needs to be on here.

    Please add the label G324 Research into Target Audience

  2. You present well two profiles of two very different ska bands. Here are a few questions I think you need to address:
    ReelBigFish - Look at how male their target audience is: the representations in their artwork (skateart-like cartoons; the use of the girl of 'Fame, fortune and Fornification'; they are overwhelmingly male and homosocial (a term we'll look at later in the year, but essentially boys socialising just with boys/ girls with girls)). You should be examining how ReelBigFish offer audiences a sense of maleness and male togetherness in a way that is different to (but might provide similar psychosocial functions to) rugby teams etc.
    You also need to post your audience profile.
    Add a slide: what can you learn from these bands and how they represent themselves to the audience? Do you want to draw on the image of The Specials or ReelBigFish, or something else? How does the marketing of a ska group change the target audience?

  3. Can't you get on your blog, Harley? You haven't posted anything for about a month.