Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Explain what Find Your Tribes implies about the concept of identity in today’s world

the website find your tribe generates a crude ideology about social groups. The word tribe suggest a subtle form of primal grouping, however this is viewed largely as a joke and is seen in a humorous manner. The website roughly puts a label on your personality and places you in a particular ‘tribe’ or social group. However the website is very vauge and the end result is largely disagreed with. And people believed that the tribe they were placed in was wrong.

The website is a form of marketing research by a large broadcasting media business. The website is very useful as it finds out what particular social groups enjoy certain types of media. The website allows the company to tailor and reshape their broadcasting regime to please and gain the largest audience. The website is aimed at the youthful market this is because teenagers are largely an online generation and the website is fun interactive and takes very little time, and can also be completed when people have the time. The proliferation of the digital media has granted people the ability to divulge in thousands of media forms thus giving people the flexibility of media to join their perfect niche audience. Find your tribe is showing the world that a large culture doesn’t exist any more. I believe this is because the internet and different forms of media have given people the ability to enjoy large amounts of different amounts of media. The general population also now can have fluid tribes which shift and change easily. Peoples personalities change constantly thus meaning that one person can be loosely linked to several tribes. Meaning it is incredibly difficult to label someone with just one title which is what find your tribe is trying to do.

Social networking sites are at an all time high this is yet another form of media which help to piece tribes together. ‘Facebook’ for example allow people of similar interests to meet each other and become friends online and then slowly form tribes. Urban areas are the most common places to find tribes as that’s where the majority of people live and meet. It’s clear to see the different ‘tribes’ when walking through cities. However people don’t personally view themselves as a part of a tribe but a group of friends.

Find your tribe is suggesting there is a way to label personalities and place them with what they think is your tribe. This is a heavily ideological structure and in a way this makes people feel the do belong to a tribe taking a way our own unique personality and conforming to what we are told is our group. Eventually this could be possible and this way the media will be able to create their perfect social groups to make the most money from them. In a way instead of appealing to a market they would make a market for them.


  1. This is a good and thoughtful discussion of the implications of the FindYourTribe site, its methods and its philosophy of identity. You discuss key issues well and have developed a good sense of niche audiences and the role of ideology within tribes.

    Have you completed the Maffesoli homework?

  2. Have you completed the Maffesoli homework?