Thursday, 6 January 2011

Initial digipack from cover ideas

Andi Sapey is a photographer from Norwich, he is a well renowned band photographer and gains allot of work through helping to promote young upcoming bands. He uses a large amount of portrait style images to develop powerful promotional and establishing images of the bands.

These two images are of local Norwich bands which have been photographed in Andi’s studio. This style of image is the type of photograph I would like to produce to promote my artist. I am at this stage uncertain as to weather I would use this style of photograph for the album cover or for the digipack inserts.

I was lucky enough to attend a photography workshop with Andi sapey where he taught us the basic skills for studio photography. As I am already studying a level photography this opportunity only gave me the chance to heighten my skills and tailor them into this style of photography.

The following two images are practice photo’s that I have taken in the past, at the Hewett school studio. I used my own camera (canon Eos 500d) and four studio lights provided by the school to generate these photos. I would like to replicate a similar set of images featuring the band in both colour and monochrome and attempt different styles of editing.

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  1. Some excellent ideas here. If you are doing photography you could get some very exciting mug shots of the band for yur digipak covers.